The hospitality and travel industries post COVID-19 with Stephan Aigner

From bars and restaurants to hotels and airlines, no part of the hospitality and travel sector was spared the effects of COVID-19. We sat down with Stephan Aigner, Director of Profit Cluster for Nordic Choice Hotels, to get his take on the industry today and what changes he sees on the horizon.

The impact of storytelling across touch points with Christopher Wallace

Even the best marketing strategy and messaging will fail to have the desired impact if they aren’t used by all consumer touchpoints. Christopher Wallace, Co-Founder & President of InnerView Group discusses transmitting marketing messages downstream.

Building brands out of people with Maegan Lujan

Overcoming adversity to write her own story, literally and figuratively. Brand strategist, Toshiba director and author Maegan Lujan talks with us about building brands for companies and individuals.

rdb milos perovic

How to expand your business the right way

Are you experiencing challenges in scaling and growing your business? Milos Perovic, COO of Termovent, shares his insights for growing a company in a meaningful way in our podcast.

how to get into influencer marketing

How to get into influencer marketing

Sean Perez started using the yo-yo as a child, now, he’s an eight-time world champion and influencer for America’s top toy company Duncan Toys. Discover how brands are recruiting top influencers in the podcast.

RDB Local Influencer Marketing

Why you should work with local influencers

What are local influencers and why should you work with them? This article will give you all you need to know about the benefits of working with the voices within your region.

RDB Influencer Management

Social Influencer Management: Behind the Scenes

Influencer marketing is a booming industry, but it’s not as easy as it may appear on the surface. We sat down with longtime Influencer Coordinator Marcio Delgado to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

RDB Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling in the New Normal

What story are you telling? Marcio Delgado — a top influencer campaign manager — shares how to incorporate storytelling with influencer campaigns for brand success.

RDB Western Union Burj Khalifa

Turning the Burj Khalifa yellow and black

Read the details how we used a multi-channel user-generated content campaign that turned users into influencers and helped promote Western Union’s unique opportunity to take over the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa.

RDB Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer Marketing in the New Normal

How have recent economic changes affected Brand Ambassadors? Our influencer marketing experts dive deep into what the future holds.