Ricky Santillan

RDB Welcomes Most Sought-After Industry Specialist For Asia Pacific As Its Newest Strategic Director, Ricky Santillan

“I had heard of RDB and was excited to be called in to be a part of the team. Knowing that with this opportunity I would take a key role in active sustainability for brands, I did not hesitate and immediately said ‘yes!’” -Rick Santillan, RDB APAC Strategic Director

RDB APAC Impact Now Event

First Global Virtual Event On Sustainability Hosted By RDB Asia Pacific

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IMP{ACT NOW} The business of doing good. How Sustainability is an impact imperative to the future of business | A Webinar and Live Panel


RDB Launches {RDB} Asia Pacific (APAC)

RDB opens its APAC flagship in Manila with a boutique team led by newly minted Managing Partner, Jerianne Ejercito and Managing Director, Guenter Taus.