Crowdinvesting initiative elevated to a whole new level – through performance & content marketing.

markta is Austria’s first online farmers market, a start-up offering sustainable and organic food, beverages and even drugstore products that are manufactured by small-scale producers, local farmers and family businesses from all over Austria.

Fresh groceries will be shipped directly to your doorstep or to central pick-up-locations, using sustainable transportation and reusable packaging.

The core idea of markta is to link local small-scale producers that are usually struggling with business and competitors to the urban demand for fair and sustainable products and the love Austrians feel towards their country.

Ordering groceries and especially fresh food online is still viewed very skeptically. Customers are used to the high density of supermarkets in their cities and the possibility to see, touch and choose exactly the products they want. The biggest challenge is to establish markta as a reliable vendor of high-quality products and as a better alternative to supermarkets.

In true social- and start-up spirit, markta wanted everyone to have the possibility to invest in its future and collect enough funds for further development of their e-commerce and marketing-activities via crowdinvestment. Our strategy was to educate and convince the people that even a small investment in green business is both profitable and self-evident as a step towards sustainable development.